Why Photography?

I often get the question why photography. My simple answer is that I like geeky things and working with a camera and strobes can be pretty geeky, at least at first. Once you start reducing your variables, it does get a lot easier, but in the beginning it’s a lot to take in.

I took my first photo class when I was in prep school in Andover, MA. I almost failed my first assignment and decided to get serious about photography. Back then I was shooting B&W (tri-x or plus-x) and developing the film and photos myself. Life happened and I took a long hiatus from taking “real” photos. Once my daughter started theater at her school in 9th grade, I gradually became the school’s theater photographer and videographer. Then, when my son started playing varsity baseball at the same school, I became the team photographer. Now both of my kids are long since out of high school so I needed someone else to shoot.

While I lived in Atlanta, I started going to Meetups at the Goat Farm. If you’ve ever lived in Atlanta, you’ve probably heard of the legendary Goat Farm. It’s a complex of old factories that has been used as an artist enclave on and off since the 60’s. Once I felt like I understood the basics I decided to branch out and get my own equipment and studio access. Shooting in photo workshops felt a bit like going to an amusement park. Waiting in line to take the roller coaster ride.

Since then I’ve tried to hone my craft and focus on natural light portraits.

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