Random Cat Story

Our poor kitty. She’s mostly a maine coon with long, luxurious fur. We adopted her as an adult back when we were living in Atlanta about 2 years ago. For some reason, she’s never been able to clean herself properly and the result is that her fur gets matted. We’ve tried brushing. Truth be told perhaps if we were more proactive about the brushing we could keep her from getting the matts. But once the matts are present, there’s not much we can do but get her shaved. 

We decided to wait till it warmed up here in NYC before getting her clipped. The big day was Tuesday this week. She went from a large, furry creature to a thin oddly configured feline as you can see in this picture.

Her real name is Caramel. However, in a sign of my feelings towards the cats, she is mostly called K2 in our family. We also have K1 and get visits from our K9 (dog) who now lives with my daughter in Boston.

When we moved from Atlanta to NYC last August, we decided to use a service online which we referred to as “uber kitty”. The driver drove around picking up cats and dogs in the South and then dropping them off right at their new locations. Our two K’s were picked up on a Tuesday evening from our home in Atlanta. We were given a tracker to watch their movements. We could see them take a trip down to Florida where the driver was picking up more pets. At night they typically slept/parked in a Walmart parking lot where apparently it’s ok to park overnight.

Finally, I watched as the driver approached Manhattan. She took the Holland Tunnel from NJ and came right to our front door in Tribeca. The K’s where not happy. K1, the more resilient kitty, while greatly irritated, rebounded quickly upon arriving at her new home. K2, the maine coon, did not fare so well. She had had a really tough time in her cage and was a total mess when she arrived. I tried washing her, but that only make things much worse. Can you imagine the trauma of three days in a van with other cats and dogs only to be thrown into a bathtub…. In the end K2 spent the day huddled in the bathroom. Seemed like the best thing to just let her stew. Finally she emerged, not triumphantly, but at least alive. It took her several days/weeks to come around, but thankfully she has fully adjusted to her new home in NYC. As have we!

Neil Bainton PhotoComment