Photo Workshops, good or bad?

A little rant. When you first start out taking pictures for people and in particular models, the easiest way to get started is photo workshops. The organizers typically will provide the lighting, wardrobe, models, makeup and a good venue. It is definitely a great way to test your interest, but it does get old pretty quickly. For me it begins to feel like shooting fish in a barrel. More often than not, you’re not allowed to change much on the set, i.e. the lighting or where the model is placed. You can provide some posing instructions, but you do so with 2-5 other photographers looking over your shoulder. Not a great environment for experimenting. 

The other complaint is that for some running the workshops becomes more about how they can make money than it is about how new photographers can cut their teeth. All in all, I think workshops are a good thing, but encourage your to look around and do some research before dropping a lot of money.

Neil Bainton PhotoComment